News | January 3, 2022

The World's Largest Concrete Egg Tank From Sonoma Cast Stone

Concrete egg tanks are favored among winemakers, and the new SuperEgg is more than twice as large as any existing model. The larger size will make it less expensive per gallon for wineries to produce the super-premium wines that concrete wine tanks are known for. The SuperEgg is also sure to be a favorite of winery visitors. All Sonoma Cast Stone tanks are known for showroom-quality beauty and superior engineering. Made in America. Guaranteed not to crack or leak.

Petaluma, CA (PRWEB) - Sonoma Cast Stone is pleased to introduce its latest innovation: The SuperEgg. With a capacity of just over 1,000 gallons or 3,800 liters, their new SuperEgg is more than twice the size of any other concrete egg tank, including their own 476-gallon model. Fermentation in concrete allows wine to showcase its true terroir, tasting more like where it’s from, with enhanced mouthfeel and no extraneous flavors to mask the pure fruit.

The organic shapes made possible with concrete encourage fermentation by replacing corners with curves to keep all of the fluid circulating naturally. The egg is considered by many winemakers to be the perfect shape. This much larger tank will allow winemakers to produce greater quantities of super-premium wines more efficiently, at a cost-savings of nearly 30% per gallon. The impact on winery visitors will also be significant, and Sonoma Cast Stone offers choice of color and logo treatment for branding, as well as the only guarantee among concrete tank makers against cracking or leaking. Made in America, in heart of the California Wine Country.

After 20 years of making custom concrete products for the best luxury hotels, restaurants, homes and tasting rooms, Sonoma Cast Stone brings a unique craftsmanship into the production of concrete tanks. Sonoma Cast Stone also perfected the art of listening. Located in the California Wine Country, Sonoma Cast Stone has worked directly with premier winemakers to design the most functional and easiest to use tanks available. All winery products are designed with the understanding that the design and finish of its tanks are as important as the tank function. Today Sonoma Cast Stone tanks are shown off as part of the tour found in many of the world’s finest wineries.

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