Application Note

Turbid One Minute - Analyzed The Next

Wort, obtained by leaching mashed grain in water, is the basis for beer production. Increased wort turbidity influences the resulting beers in terms of flavor quality, flavor stability, and foam stability.

Turbidity is measured throughout beer production, e.g. to detect surplus yeast before the filters, to control the yeast dosing or to monitor the turbidity throughout the lautering process. In the laboratory, turbidity is measured to calibrate the process sensors, to obtain an important quality parameter for the final product, and to investigate the durability of beers.

HazeQC ME is a measuring module suitable for combination with Anton Paar laboratory measuring instruments and analysis systems. It is used to measure the turbidity of beer and beer mixtures. HazeQC ME employs the well-proven ratio method to calculate the turbidity value from the raw measuring signals at three angles.