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Twrl Milk Tea Introduces Its Bestselling Brown Sugar Boba To Sprouts Farmers Markets Nationwide

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Twrl Milk Tea, a plant-based food and beverage company inspired by its founders' Chinese and Taiwanese American heritage, now counts Sprouts Farmers Market as its newest and largest retailer partner to-date. Twrl teamed up with Sprouts on the exclusive nationwide launch of its six-pack Brown Sugar Boba in all 400 North Atlantic, Southern Pacific and Northern California stores. Boba refers to the chewy tapioca pearls often found in bubble tea, a drink with origins in Taiwan. This tea-based drink is made by blending in either milk or fruit juice and then adding tapioca balls.

Twrl's Brown Sugar Boba is infused with real brown sugar and perfectly complements their signature ready-to-drink milk teas. The boba pearls, revered for their consistency, bring to mind the Taiwanese term "QQ" meaning chewy, much the same as al dente refers to pasta that retains a firm bite. Unlike other packaged boba that requires boiling, Twrl's Brown Sugar Boba is ready to eat after just 30-45 seconds in the microwave. It comes in a convenient box with six single-serve packets, ideal for sharing with friends or stocking up for daily enjoyment.

"Bobas are the new sprinkles," said Olivia Chen, co-founder & CMO. "Our Brown Sugar Bobas can be added to any drink or dessert — they're more versatile than sprinkles and can be enjoyed sweet, savory, hot or cold!" As part of the launch at Sprouts, Twrl Milk Tea is releasing a selection of recipes as an e-booklet zine that teach home chefs how to cook and bake with boba across a variety of applications like almond jello, panda milk tea and even pizza.

"We've put a lot of effort into perfecting the recipes, and we're confident that our customers will love adding boba to their culinary repertoire," said Pauline Ang, Founder & CEO of Twrl Milk Tea. In addition to their Brown Sugar Boba and line of plant-based milk teas and in the same vein of fusing tradition and innovation, Twrl also makes a Crystal Boba made from konjac (a root vegetable) and lychee. Thanks to this new partnership with Sprouts, Twrl Milk Tea continues to expand the milk tea experience, offering a harmonious blend of premium ingredients to its legion fans.

About Twrl Milk Tea
Twrl Milk Tea is on a mission to make Asian milk tea healthier and more ethical. Twrl's line of products includes delicious cafe-like milk tea in easy grab-n-go cans and Boba Topping packets. Using single-origin teas grown on organic family farms and climate-friendly pea milk, Twrl's plant-based drinks are crafted with sustainable sourcing front of mind. Pauline Ang and Olivia Chen, founders and longtime friends, draw upon their respective Chinese and Taiwanese heritage to bring unique, allergen-friendly flavors in a creamy, nitro infused format to consumers in the US and abroad. Twrl Milk Tea is a Bevnet Best New Beverage Winner, a Food Network Editor's pick, dubbed "Highly Recommended" by Bon Appetit Magazine, an Expo West Nexty Best New Beverage Finalist and a 100% women and minority-owned company based in San Francisco. For more information about Twrl Milk Tea and their products, visit their website at

About Sprouts Farmers Markets
Sprouts Farmers Markets is a prominent grocery store chain known for its focus on natural and organic products. With a commitment to providing healthy and high-quality options to consumers, Sprouts Farmers Markets have become a popular destination for individuals seeking wholesome and sustainable food choices.

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