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Vajra Coffee Offers Chemical Free Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee

Vajra Coffee offers chemical free naturally decaffeinated coffee. Our Tranquility Decaf retains all the flavor and health benefits of regular coffee and is free from chemicals like methylene chloride, ensuring that coffee lovers no longer have to compromise on taste or health benefits.

Monterey, CA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - The heart of Vajra Coffee's natural decaffeination process lies in its adoption of the Swiss Water® Process, a natural method that removes 99% of caffeine without the use of harmful chemicals like methylene chloride. This process not only preserves the unique flavors and health-enhancing bioactive compounds of the coffee but also ensures that each cup is free from any chemical residues, offering a pure and healthy coffee experience.

A recent report from CNN talks about the dangerous chemicals that are often used by companies to make decaffeinated coffee.

(CNN) - "In addition to being carcinogenic, methylene chloride can cause other health harms, such as liver toxicity and at higher exposures neurological effects, and in some cases death," Doa added via email. These risks are in the context of external acute exposure to high levels of the chemical, or ingestion of the chemical on its own, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The state assembly in California recently introduced a bill to ban the chemical from the decaffeination process."

In the world of coffee enthusiasts, Vajra Coffee is pioneering a revolution with its healthy, naturally decaffeinated coffee free from chemicals like methylene chloride, ensuring that coffee lovers no longer have to compromise on taste or health benefits. Committed to offering the finest organic, specialty-grade, high mountain-grown coffee beans our Tranquility Decaf is the healthiest available. Vajra Coffee's unique profile-specific fresh roasting process not only enhances the concentration of polyphenols and other nutrients but also the bioavailability of these compounds, making each cup a healthful indulgence.

Decaffeinated coffee has emerged into the spotlight with recent scientific studies revealing the same numerous health benefits as regular coffee. Many people are sensitive to caffeine yet want to enjoy coffee. Vajra Coffee offers naturally decaffeinated coffee, without the toxic chemicals like methylene chloride usually used in making decaffeinated coffee.

Research corroborates the health benefits associated with coffee consumption, including both caffeinated and decaffeinated. Studies have shown an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and mortality, with benefits extending across various health domains such as cancer prevention, diabetes management, and even neuroprotective effects against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Vajra Coffee is dedicated to enhancing the health of its customers by delivering chemical free naturally decaffeinated coffee. Discover the unique qualities of our decaffeinated coffee and embark on a journey of wellness with Vajra Coffee's organic naturally decaffeinated coffee beans that promise the essence of coffee, preserved in its purest form.

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