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  1. 5 Strategies To Modernize Legacy ERP

    A common myth in the software market: large companies are not adopting new cloud and mobile solutions. Simply not true. This white paper will illustrate five strategies to modernize your ERP software.

  2. CraftMark Bakery Installs ERP System

    CraftMark Bakery launched its business in 2013. To make its mark in the competitive baking industry, it relied on ERP to ensure efficient operations and remain agile to reinvent traditional business processes.

  3. Coda Coffee Employs Global Business Management Solution

    In starting their sustainable and well-respected coffee brand, the Thwaite brothers knew they had to ensure Coda Coffee’s growth curve didn’t model a caffeine buzz—rapid movement, then a crash. To diversify from B2B distribution to online B2C sales and retail locations, and expand to coffee equipment maintenance, it needed industry-specific accounting functionality, inventory visibility and real-time data access that its QuickBooks and manual processes couldn’t provide.

  4. International Spices Finds Its Recipe For Success With ERP

    For International Spices,a lack of integration between software was limiting its success. This case study explores the solutions that bridged the company's software issues to its current success.

  5. How Software Helps F&B Manufacturers Exceed Customer Expectations

    F&B companies need software with features specific to their needs. This paper discusses those features and how implementing software solutions allows food manufacturers to exceed expectations.

  6. How Leveraging Technology Helps Ensure Compliance And Drives Efficiency

    This article illustrates how a new generation of food companies are leading the way in the trend of fresh, sustainably and organically produced foods and how they use technology to transform their business.

  7. ERP For Food And Beverage Distributors

    F&B distributors face complex challenges that require unique solutions. This white paper overviews ERP features and functions that help F&B distributors overcome their biggest obstacles.

  8. Condition-Based Maintenance Improves Uptime And Lowers Costs

    Manufacturers in both the process and discrete manufacturing industries should consider condition monitoring (CM) for critical assets to improve the effectiveness of their maintenance resources. Typical benefits include improved uptime, asset longevity, cost control, yield/quality and safety. Now is the time for users to re-evaluate their condition monitoring strategies and consider taking advantage of available pack-aged predictive maintenance (PdM) applications to leverage their existing process and smart device data.

  9. CO2 Injection Using Membrane Technology

    For the past 18 months, we have used a new, highly efficient membrane technology for beverage carbonation. By Joseph Mackey and John Mojonnier

  10. Bottled Water Company Recovers RO Reject Recovery To Reduce Plant Water Usage

    CPF, Inc./Northeast Hot Fill Co-op, Inc. needed to minimize the cost of their water and sewage, at their producing purified bottled water, in Ayer, Massachusetts. This facility is one of the largest bottlers in the U.S. producing 26 million cases of finished beverage annually, including eight million cases of Aquafina brand.