Beverage News

  1. Curtis Nitro Infuser™ Helps Operators Add A ‘Cool Factor’ To Beverages

    Cold brew coffee, tea, milk or juice on the menu are nothing new. But when you infuse nitrogen they become very different, highly desirable drinks that are sure to grab customers' attention

  2. Curtis Helps Operators Serve Highly Profitable Specialty Slushie Drinks With The New Chill-X™ Frozen Beverage Machine

    Specialty drinks—like frozen fruit beverages, gourmet tea slushies and icy hot chocolate—are an excellent way for quick-service restaurants (QSRs), gourmet coffee shops and other retailers to increase store traffic and profitability

  3. Victrex To Present New Extended Food Grade Portfolio Of High-Performance PEEK Polymers At Fakuma Show

    To help OEMs to meet the stringent regulatory and quality demands affecting the food equipment industry, Victrex is introducing a dedicated PEEK (1) food grade portfolio at the Fakuma show in Germany. Compared to metals, the new VICTREX FG™ family of high-performing thermoplastics offers additional benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness, productivity and performance for OEMs – and the neutral taste expected by consumers

  4. Krones Strengthens Its Process Technology In The US

    Krones, the world’s leading manufacturer of filling and packaging technology, has completed the acquisition of W.M. Sprinkman Corporation, Wisconsin, US. Founded in 1929, Sprinkman provides engineered food and beverage processing equipment, specializing in the dairy and brewing industries

  5. JF Hillebrand Launches New Digital Customer Platform: myHillebrand

    JF Hillebrand, the leading global beverage logistics provider, has announced the launch of a new digital customer platform.

  6. Electrolux Strengthens Its Professional Beverage Offering By Acquiring SPM Drink Systems

    Electrolux today announced it has acquired SPM Drink Systems, an Italian leading manufacturer of professional dispensers of frozen and hot beverages and soft ice-cream, as part of the strategy to increase its presence in the hospitality industry

  7. NewAir Launches The Ultimate Beverage Cooler For Entertaining

    Wine or beer? With NewAir's AWB-400DB Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, craft beer lovers and wine drinkers no longer have to fight for control of the home bar

  8. AAFP Conference Update- Please join us to honor Dr. Michael G. Johnson with the Lifetime Achievement award
  9. New Rugged Through-Beam Sensors Resist Chemicals, Coolants And More

    A new family of stainless steel fork sensors with resistance to aggressive cleaning agents, chemicals, coolants or other media provides a viable solution for demanding environments in a wide variety of applications including hygienic

  10. Peco InspX Proudly Announces The Latest Customer Experiance Metrics

    Peco InspX, the world’s leading authority on high performance X-Ray inspection equipment for the food and beverage industries is pleased to announce the most recent results from the Net Promoter Score for its US service team.