1. Manufacturing Plants Based On The Lego Principle

    Smaller batches and different types of product in the same plant – these are the market demands to which more and more manufacturers in the process industries need to adjust. The answer is plants based on the “Lego principle”. Users can add modules or switch them off in line with requirements.

  2. Craft Brewing Flyer

    Brewers rely on Hach® for the right instrument for the monitoring of dissolved oxygen (DO) to optimize flavor, stability and product quality. So which instrument is right for your needs?

  3. Maximizing Optical Sensor Life In Brewing Processes

    This application note describes a solution to increase the lifetime of luminescent dissolved oxygen (LDO) spots in-line when cleaning-inplace (CIP) is used with strong oxidants, bleaching agents, or harsh conditions.

  4. Measuring Total, Permanent And Chill Haze In Beer

    The formation of haze in beer can be problematic, as it affects the quality of the end product. Beer consists of various ingredients such as proteins, carbohydrates, polyphenols, fatty acids, nucleic acids, amino acids, etc. These ingredients can precipitate and a haze or turbidity is formed.

  5. TL23 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters

    The new TL23 Series laboratory turbidimeters blend trusted technology and improved features to simplify testing in the most demanding wastewater and industrial applications.

  6. Craft Brewing Test Kit

    This test kit was developed specifically to meet the needs of the craft brewer. The kit tests water quality parameters critical to supporting fermentation and monitoring source water contaminants that affect beer flavor stability.

  7. TU5300 sc Low Range Laser Turbidimeter, ISO Version

    The ISO compliant TU5 Series platform employs a patented optical design that sees more of your sample than any other turbidimeter, delivering the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability between measurements. For the first time you will be able to remove uncertainty of which measurement to trust between your lab and process instruments, thanks to identical 360° x 90° Detection Technology in any TU5 Series turbidimeter.

  8. DR6000 Complete Packages With Brewery Application Software

    These packages contain everything you need to measure critical brewing parameters such as VDK, Bitterness, FAN and more according to the ASBC approved methods.

  9. Titration Theory And Practice

    The aim of this booklet is to explore titration from a historical, theoretical and practical point of view, dealing first with preset end-point titration then with inflection-point titration. We look at common applications and give useful advice on how to choose between techniques and get the best results.

  10. Color Measurement In Brewing With DR6000

    Color measurement is becoming more and more important in the brewing industry as awareness Of quality increases.