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  1. The Spectrophotometer And Beer: A Love Story

    Hopefully, every craft brewer is aware of the serious nature of ensuring the quality of their beer. Many brewers will tell you that instruments like hydrometers, pH meters, and microscopes are absolutely essential to evaluate key quality aspects of beer. However, if you ask the same brewers if a UV-spectrophotometer is an essential piece of analytical equipment in the brewery, the answers can be quite varied.

  2. Testing Bitterness And Colour In Finished Beer: A Case Study

    When Martin and James founded BrewDog in 2007, they were looking to produce new and different types of brewed lagers and ales compared to the ones that dominated the UK market. Initially, they started with brewing tiny batches, filling the bottles by hand, and selling their beers at local markets and out of the back of their old beat up van.

  3. Shelf Life Studies: Basics, Principles, And Concepts

    Shelf life studies are used to determine how long a product can reasonably be expected to maintain its quality, safety, and character. These studies take into account not only products’ functional qualities such as safety and effectiveness, but also cosmetic qualities such as color and texture that make them appealing to customers.

  4. Effluent Organic Load Control Using Continuous TOC Monitoring

    In order to effectively manage organic load elimination in wastewater treatment, it is necessary to have continuous organic monitoring, so that the process can be adjusted according to the actual organic load. This information is critical in determining when to end treatment.

  5. The Black Lagoon Or The Blue Lagoon?

    To men of a certain age, the word “lagoon” conjures two very different images. In the first, it’s the Creature from the Black Lagoon — a scary gill-man emerging from the ooze. In the other, it’s the idyllic Blue Lagoon, with Brooke Shields frolicking in an island fantasyland.

  6. Greencore Foods Saves Time And Money With Waste Water Treatment Solution

    This article explains how Greencore Foods overcame the challenges of managing its waste water treatment during wash-downs of processing tanks and lines during clean-in-place procedures.

  7. Tips For Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) In F&B Production

    Considering OEE in food manufacturing provides clear guidance on how to maximize productivity. But, what affects OEE and how do you get started on the path to optimization?

  8. Heavy-Duty Refractometer Endurance "Water" Test

    Immersed in a swimming pool, at a depth of one meter, for up to two hours, the IP68-certified measuring unit still delivers — optionally also remotely operated from a distance of up to five meters.

  9. Endurance Impact Test For A Heavy Duty Refractometer

    Hit by a ton of rubble from an excavator... encased in solid anodized aluminum, the measuring unit still delivers. The Anton Paar Heavy Duty Refractometers are extremely robust and waterproof.

  10. Refractometer Endurance “Stress” Test

    Driven over by an SUV... the extremely robust measuring unit still delivers. The Anton Paar Heavy Duty Refractometers are extremely robust and waterproof.