Featured Beverage Online Content

  1. Supply Chain Schools — Training A New Generation

    As Baby Boomers will soon begin exiting the workforce, food and beverage manufacturers’ need for a new generation of supply chain managers is bigger than ever.

  2. Cargill’s Stevia Project Could Lower Costs For Food And Beverage Manufacturers

    R&D partnership leads to achievement of technical milestone in creation of compounds.

  3. PepsiCo Challenges Coca-Cola In More Than A Thousand Ways

    Beverage maker’s innovative portfolio of dispensers offers consumers flexible choices at select foodservice operator location.

  4. Water Is Getting A New Image (And Taste) From Enhancers

    As health concerns push soft drinks aside, water has gained popularity as a go-to beverage, but many consumers want more from their water and enhancers may provide just the flavor they’re looking for.

  5. Environmental Responsibility And Packaging Innovation Come Together In Paper Wine Bottles

    Paper wine bottles reduce transportation costs and help reduce carbon footprint by 67 percent when compared to glass bottles.

  6. Kids’ Food And Beverage Market Is Growing Like A Weed

    Expected to become a $30 billion industry within the next five years, food makers are looking into diving further into products marketed toward children.

  7. K-Cups Are Turning Up In Every Food Segment

    Success in the coffee market has led food manufacturers to heavy adoption and innovations of the K-Cup.

  8. Innovations Advance Sustainability In Food And Beverage Packaging

    To meet the demands of consumers, food and beverage manufacturers must dream up new ways to boost sustainability in packaging… even if the solution is less than realistic.

  9. Coming Soon: Do-It-Yourself Coca-Cola

    World’s largest beverage maker is popping into a new market with plans to let consumers make the company’s drinks at home. On Wednesday, Feb 5 Coca-Cola announced its plan to purchase 10 percent of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters for $1.25 billion. Green Mountain is famous for its single-serving coffee makers and coffee products, but the company has also been working on a machine for cold drinks. The sale is part of an agreement that will bring the soda maker’s famous brands to the quickly-growing at-home market.